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Stakeholders in healthcare will quickly agree that a change is long overdue.  The game between providers & payors and between payors & patients isn't working for anyone.
Efforts are underway to study the inefficiencies, financial delays, and trust breakdowns in healthcare and apply Distributed Ledger (Blockchain) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to change this game bringing economic progress, financial viability, and improved health to all involved.
Healthcare patients, providers & payors built this site for healthcare patients, providers & payors seeking a game changer for their current challenges.  Blockchain & AI could be just what we need.  This site is intended to help us move through the Blockchain & AI learning curves quickly to change the game for the better.

We Need Change

Those of us in healthcare have devoted time, energy, and resources pursuing education to support our career aspirations and poured sweat equity into our industry.  As patients as well as employees of providers or payors, we have seen first-hand the inefficiencies in the healthcare industry we call home to our careers.
We could leave our workplaces every day complaining and moaning about the problems we face, the lessons we've learned, or the scars we've accumulated.  Or we could put the passion that led us into this industry, the observations we have collected along our careers, and the energy of our frustration to more productive use exploring new paradigms and solutions to address as many of the root cause issues of our industry's challenges.
We hope you participate with us here at Game Chainger as we appreciate what brought us into healthcare, reflect on where areas of opportunity exist and find ways to accelerate our industry towards long overdue efficiency and longstanding improvement.

Our Objective

We firmly believe that Blockchain & AI technologies are significant forces being applied at intersections where transactions are inefficient and trust has been broken.  It's not a question of IF Blockchain and AI will disrupt countless aspects of healthcare it's just a matter of WHEN.
Our primary goal is to help our peers learn quickly about Blockchain and AI technologies. Our primary goal is helping people achieve the Blockchain/AI "aha! moment" where one moves from learning how the technology works and switches to imagining how the technology can begin to solve real problems. We will work with all who are interested to see the healthcare industry through a different paradigm.
Together we will thoughtfully explore options that will make the industry a more efficient and effective place to receive care, conduct business, and reach our expectations for how the industry should REALLY work. 

How We Are Helping

Whether you're new to the Blockchain or AI conversation, looking for resources to acquaint yourself further with these technologies or want additional resources and perspectives, we're here to help. 
Game Chainger Blog - learn about our Blockchain journey and our observations of the healthcare industry and how Blockchain may help.
Game Chainger Resources - reference this page as your own bookmark list to get you up the Blockchain and AI learning curve quicker while learning who are the influencers and organizations making strides in this movement.
Blockchain Quick Start Guide - summit the Blockchain learning curve in 7 quick steps through this FREE downloadable interactive PDF checklist and join this fast-moving environment.
We hope you will find insights that will help you through the learning curve to reach your Blockchain Aha moment.  The more engaged and open-minded stakeholders we have in the conversation the greater the chance for real change for our industry.

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