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Stakeholders in healthcare will quickly agree that a change is long overdue.  The game between providers & payors and between payors & patients isn't really working.
Efforts are underway to study the inefficiencies, financial delays, & trust breakdowns in healthcare while applying Distributed Ledger (Blockchain) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.  The objective is to change this game bringing economic progress, financial viability, & improved health to all involved.
Healthcare patients, providers & payors built this site for healthcare patients, providers & payors seeking a game changer for their current challenges.  Blockchain & AI could be just what we need.  This site is intended to help us move through the Blockchain & AI learning curves quickly to change the game for the better.

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Blockchain technologies are significant forces for where transactions are inefficient and trust has been broken.
We will help our peers reach the Blockchain learning curve summit quickly, achieving the Blockchain "aha! moment".  
The more healthcare leaders move from learning how blockchain and AI technologies work to imagining how these technologies could help healthcare's shortcomings the quicker we can work more efficiently
It's not a question of IF Blockchain will disrupt countless aspects of healthcare it's just a matter of WHEN.

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In just 7 easy steps, you'll be introduced to this innovative technology, well aware of the blockchain movement, and able to speak eloquently about how Blockchain may make healthcare a more efficient and effective place to receive care, conduct business, and reach our expectations for how the industry should REALLY work.

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