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The white paper that started it all for blockchain technology. Written in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, a pen name for the unidentified person or persons who crafted the framework by which Bitcoin & Ethereum cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and distributed ledger technologies rely upon.

The first video I found and now refer to often to explain blockchain technology. Daniel Gasteiger artfully summarizes Satoshi Nakamoto's genesis white paper and puts into context of recent financial crises to demonstrate how the technology will change how we interact and transact.  He has now devoted his career to studying and advocating for this technology and its successful applications.

Richie Etwaru, a notable speaker on blockchain technology, reviews the evolution of internet and economy as a way to help explain how blockchain came to be and is being deployed to improve trust, speed transactions, and leverage immutable data for many industries.

If you've looked through the previously suggested resources on this page and feel like you would like something to pull together various concepts in one post, this is a very helpful read.  Ashley Lannquist provides helpful explanations for each of the following concepts:  Blockchains and cryptocurrencies including their mechanics, 3 key elements of blockchain to remember, security, Ethereum, smart contracts, and blockchain current events (2017).

Click on the title, "The Blockchain Timeline" of this item to reveal a very helpful and visually appealing blockchain historical timeline produced by Gem.  From the very genesis of the blockchain concepts with the publishing of the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper through 2016, this depiction will help gather the major milestones in this technology's development.

There isn't just one type of Blockchain, in fact, there are several variations.  This article does a great job explaining the types of blockchain formats including: public, private, & federated in addition to explaining permissioned and permissionless variants.  If that wasn't enough, the article goes further to discuss implementation approaches, Blockchain as a service (Baas), development platforms, and APIs.

This video briefly describes the computer science layers that are advancing today and includes context for the healthcare industry.  David Houlding, of Intel, provides an easy to understand diagram of the various layers of technology and explains each in a helpful way.  The layers include data in silos, blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, and artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Blockchain is such an abstract concept, and tech-heavy in action. I have been seeking a way to "see blockchain in action" but have come up short until finding this video published by MIT. For some, having a video that allows the opportunity to look "over the shoulder" to see how blockchain works in practice is what is needed to learn, and that is what MIT offers in this link. Perhaps it will be helpful for those that want to see blockchain to become open to blockchain possibilities. To be an advocate for blockchain doesn't require deep programming expertise, but the programming should be of interest in order to appreciate how the technology actually works. Much like most people don't know how email or internet protocols work in technical terms, they at least know what can be accomplished with email and internet protocols.  This is the same way to look at the blockchain protocol demonstrated in this video.

We had been in search for a helpful resource discussing security on a blockchain platform.  The article linked here is a 2 part interview focused on discussing patient security with blockchain technology.  One of the first matters that arise when discussing blockchain technology is the importance of patient information security and privacy given HIPAA regulations currently in place.  Hopefully, this information helps clarify the security aspects of blockchain, building on the resources listed above.

Perhaps you've had your Blockchain Aha Moment and you're now looking at distributed ledger technologies for ways it can address business challenges.  This guide, written by Wesley Graham, provides a great outline as to the decision making for whether you even need a blockchain at all as well as the considerations to keep top of mind if a blockchain is decided as the best path forward.

An article published by Healthcare IT News that takes the reader through a quick overview of Blockchain technology.  Then building on this understanding, outlines some emerging use cases.  This is a recommended article to help encourage those in the healthcare arena to be aware of Blockchain and how it can change the industry.


An in-depth whitepaper examining the current state of Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain) in Healthcare as of early 2018.  Collaborators include blockchain developers and thought leaders, representation from healthcare payor and provider organizations, and even academics. It does an excellent job bringing together a long list of the elements of blockchain in a logical fashion while portraying the benefits and challenges that are currently in play as considerations for those new to the space but also for the industry to keep in mind as this technology is explored thoughtfully.

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Thought Leaders

A frequent speaker at blockchain conferences, such as Distributed: Health, Emily Vaughn has been making a noteworthy impact on the blockchain space.  Formerly with GEM and now Product Development Director at Change Healthcare she is helping lead noteworthy developments of blockchain applications in healthcare.

John founded Hashed Health, an information technology company focused on accelerating the realization of meaningful blockchain and distributed ledger technologies in healthcare.  Through his leadership, energy, and vision around blockchain technologies, he has helped Hashed Health become a leader in the space while quickly demonstrating value to the healthcare industry through several proofs of concept completed and more underway.

With extensive experience in the Healthcare Insurance and Integrated Payments spaces, Lynn is motivated to move the Blockchain environment forward and for Atlanta in particular.  His detailed understanding of supply chain, clinical trials, population health, revenue cycle topics comes through in a quick conversation or published works and is allowing him and the others at HSBlox to develop compelling solutions to current industry challenges.

Richie is a passionate advocate of many technological innovations, most significantly Blockchain.  His key investigative passions are in Artificial Intelligence, Deep & Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing, VR & AR, BlockChain and TransHuman Economics; currently deployed in Healthcare and Life Science, last deployment Financial Services.

Heather Flannery is the Founder & CEO of Obesity Prevention, Policy & Management as well as a Blockchain early adopter and entrepreneur.  She has a knack for explaining challenges in healthcare, opportunities for innovation, and how technology such as Blockchain may have a role in moving the industry to new performance levels.  Her understanding of technology is demonstrated as she serves on the board of directors for organizations including those in the cybersecurity sector.

"Build great things" is a simple principle that Jeff Garzik lives by and recommends to others.  Additionally, "Find your niche and truly own it" are additional words of concise wisdom provided by Jeff.  His technical depth coupled with his clear strategic vision in the Blockchain space is an impressive combination.  One of the founders of the foundational technology that Blockchain relies upon, Jeff is a key influencer in its evolution and respected advisor to participants in the space.

Bryant Gilot, MD is a surgeon, technologist, professor, and innovator.  After one hears him speak about any of the many topics he has extensive knowledge, not excluding Blockchain, the conclusion that he is a deep thinker would come to mind.  He can explain complex and technical matters with clarity for a variety of audiences.

David Houlding has often shared great resources and several helpful explanations of his own in the Blockchain, AI, and ML space.  But his focus and expertise isn't narrowed down to just those three areas.  He has experience with healthcare privacy, security, and compliance as well.

A founder of Game Credits, gaming platform with cryptocurrencies, has certainly been a noteworthy accomplishment for Jack's experiences in the Blockchain arena.  He is a Blockchain evangelist and has great perspectives regarding the investment in blockchain-based companies, how they operate, where they will impact industries,  and understands these details and with a clarity that is applicable to many industries.


Madeline Mann is a great communicator of several topics.  Whether it is career advice or hearing about the great blockchain work underway at GEM she is one worth following, perhaps you've even stumbled upon some of what she's shared already.  

Chrissa McFarlane saw a challenge in healthcare, a need to fill and an opportunity to utilize Blockchain technology to address both.  Her company, Patientory as well as the foundation Patientory Stiftung, aims to put the medical record back in the hands, and control, of the patient.  Chrissa strives to make healthcare a better place for all who are involved and is not afraid to put innovation to work to make that happen.

If you've attended several Blockchain presentations, you've likely heard from Jack Shaw.  Jack believes Blockchain will affect every organization in every industry in the world – just as the Internet has. As Executive Director of the American Blockchain Council, Jack Shaw is a world-renowned expert on Blockchain technologies.

Jim St. Clair is Chief Technology Officer for the Dinocrates Group and Founder of  He is a thought leader in the areas of healthcare, finance, technology, and innovation.  Jim, in addition to the others on this list should be followed by anyone who is interested in those topics and wants to stay up to speed with the leading thoughts of the industry.

In addition to leading the operations of a highly influential Blockchain consortium, Hashed Health, Corey has established himself as a thought leader in healthcare innovation.  Corey has a strong understanding of the challenges in healthcare and how technologies such as Blockchain can improve the industry.  He is focused on bringing engaged stakeholders who are open-minded to the possibilities of Blockchain together around proof of concepts to make solutions a reality.

Kelley founded Melrose PR one of the first public relations firms to focus on the Blockchain arena.  Kelley has recently launched a podcast Crypto Token Talk as an opportunity to hear from guests in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

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Trailblazing Organizations

The American Blockchain Council is the "definitive shared source of truth for all things Blockchain". Their forum exists for the purpose of networking and information exchange between the council, its executive members, and guests. The charter of this group is to aggregate, interpret and disseminate the latest information available on the Blockchain protocol, how the technology has manifested, and the potential impact on businesses in the U.S. globally.

The Blockchain in Healthcare Meetup group organizes focused innovation sessions on the broad array of blockchain use cases in healthcare. The group's goal is to function like a decentralized, unsponsored incubator for those serious about engaging in DLT early adoption. Together, they hope to move the needle on big problems within the vast global healthcare ecosystem.  Although they organize in-person sessions in Tysons Corner, Virginia (DC suburbs), they also produce a no-cost webinar series in partnership with the Healthcare Conference Network (HCN) -- so if you're not local to the DC area, you'll still be able to participate in every other session.

Not just any healthcare intermediary, Change Healthcare is one making significant investments into blockchain technology to address the challenges in the industry.  Positioned between patients, providers, and payors this company is involved in a large volume of healthcare business transactions and can apply innovative blockchain technology to address opportunities for improvement.

One of the first magazines published for the Blockchain space, Distributed has done a great job organizing resources, events, and progress for the industry.  The inaugural Distributed: Health conference was held in the Fall of 2016 in Nashville, TN.  The events and the resources provided are enlightening and motivating.

Quickly accelerating their presence in and advancement of blockchain technology in healthcare, Gem is leading the charge in building highly scalable blockchain infrastructure for ecosystems.  They are focused on empowering the hearts and minds of capable innovators who are stuck with technology that can’t solve their problems.  They see age-old problems in the world that can be solved in entirely new ways, and we feel compelled to do something about it.  The first to develop electronic medical record and claim adjudication related blockchain proofs of concept.

Based in Nashville, TN, an emerging hub for blockchain activity in healthcare, Hashed Health is a leading consortium gathering willing stakeholders around shared goals to create proof of concepts in order to validate blockchain technology application in healthcare and help promote its adoption.  This consortium believes that blockchain will be transformational for most organizations over the next 10 years.  Bringing this new and innovative business layer within existing companies to life will require focused attention and collaboration among willing stakeholders.

A collaborative of Healthcare, Technology, and Blockchain thought leaders contributing their expertise, time, and energy around the Blockchain movement.  Members of this group are regularly found on panels at Blockchain and Technology conferences.  Some of the members have even contributed to a whitepaper found in the "Top Resources" column of this website page.  The whitepaper is titled:  Titled “Pragmatic, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology: Paving the Future for Healthcare,”

HSBlox is an Atlanta-based Distributed Ledger Technology solutions developer delivering benefit to payers, providers, financial institutions, and consumers.  With a fully built platform, micro-services, and applications layers HSBlox is actively focused on microcosms where challenges are agreed upon quickly by all stakeholders and a solution can be rolled out promptly for use.

A first in the PR world to focus on Blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Melrose PR, has been actively partnering with key leaders in these spaces.  In fact, the founder and CEO, Kelley Weaver, has become a leader to watch as well.

Patientory, Inc., and its foundation Patientory Stiftung, are a strong force in the Blockchain in Healthcare movement. Patientory, Inc. is a global population health management software firm aiming to put the medical record back in the hands of the patient.  They hosted the Inaugural Blockchain in Healthcare Summit in Atlanta, GA on May 31, 2018 and was a great event bringing a diverse group of leaders in healthcare together to discuss topics including regulation, interoperability, use cases, and adoption.

Pokitdok envisions a whole new healthcare economy where data & services are quantifiable and exchangeable through a distributed network of transaction processors.  This network would operate on both financial and clinical data across the healthcare industry. Their development of DokChain is enabling use cases to be designed and tested.  Their goal is to leverage blockchain technology across a broad range of industry participants to bring intelligent and dynamic automation to three core use cases that span healthcare encounters. 

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